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Having a Hard Time

I thumbtacked this to my bedroom wall yesterday. These are words I need to remember. The other day I waited at the deli counter. The woman ahead of me asked for something they were out of. “What do you mean?” she screeched at the… Continue Reading “Having a Hard Time”

“I Can Do It”

Darn it, Mary. You weren’t supposed to worm your way into my heart like you did. I’m not talking about my Mary. Of course my own daughter is firmly entrenched there. I’m talking about nursing home Mary. I-can-do-it Mary. I-love-you Mary. My father had pointed her… Continue Reading ““I Can Do It””

A New Notepad

It became a theme. A legal pad with only a few pages written upon. When I found the first few of these on his kitchen table, I laughed and commented to his friend, “I can’t believe he only uses a few pages on each… Continue Reading “A New Notepad”