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I like words. If you think about it, they’re pretty amazing things. I remember as a child being amazed at my father’s vast vocabulary. He knew a lot of words. I forget what the exact challenge was, but I was scouring the dictionary for… Continue Reading “Words”

Communion Bread

A few months ago, one of the ladies asked me if I could help with communion, setting it up three or four times a year. I would be replacing a woman  who had been showing signs of dementia. I had my first turn this… Continue Reading “Communion Bread”

Communion again

I was the first in line for communion. When the teen server tore off a piece of bread and handed it to me, she looked at me and paused. I waited for the words — “This is the Bread of Life.” Or, “the Body… Continue Reading “Communion again”


Communion is a joyful time at our church. For so many years, I was used to a different way of celebrating communion.  A somber, sober way.  A stay-in-your-seat kind of way.  A contemplative, inward-looking way. Not that those are bad things.  Communion — eating… Continue Reading “Communion”