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I repeat the word “streamline” at least a dozen times every I’m on the deck.  I probably say it in my sleep. What I mean by streamline is what Michael Phelps is doing in this picture: It’s pretty straightforward (no pun intended). A couple… Continue Reading “Streamline”

Coaching Imogene Herdman

Yesterday I made a girl cry. The head coach told me, “You did the right thing.” When I told the story to one of my sons, he said the same thing. “That was the right decision,” he said. Still, I went to sleep thinking… Continue Reading “Coaching Imogene Herdman”

The Record Board

Whenever I go to a pool, my eyes are drawn to the record board. It’s kind of funny, because I haven’t always been a fan of the record board. Helen still holds over 20 age-group records at the pool in Cooperstown — the earliest from when… Continue Reading “The Record Board”


Yesterday, my friend Laura Lynn Brown launched a new site: makesyoumom.com. I have previously written about how I met Laura at Laity Lodge. I was honored that she asked me if I would be willing to submit a piece for her new site, so… Continue Reading “Bridget”