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Communion Bread

A few months ago, one of the ladies asked me if I could help with communion, setting it up three or four times a year. I would be replacing a woman  who had been showing signs of dementia. I had my first turn this… Continue Reading “Communion Bread”

P is for Presbyterian

Both my mother and father were deeply involved in the Cooperstown Presbyterian Church. From my mother’s obituary: Perhaps most central to Elinor’s life was her steadfast devotion to the First Presbyterian Church of Cooperstown, for it was there that she faithfully blended her love… Continue Reading “P is for Presbyterian”

Empire Swimming (and Easter)

E is for Empire Swimming and Easter. As a swim coach, I thought it funny that I ended up on my first flight to Laity Lodge with a swim team. I didn’t mind.  Swimmers are some of my favorite people in the whole world.… Continue Reading “Empire Swimming (and Easter)”

Communion again

I was the first in line for communion. When the teen server tore off a piece of bread and handed it to me, she looked at me and paused. I waited for the words — “This is the Bread of Life.” Or, “the Body… Continue Reading “Communion again”

Andrae Crouch

When I was a teenager, I worked at a small Baptist camp in the wilds of upstate New York. I was initially hired as the cook — don’t ask me how — but eventually was moved into the lifeguard position after they tasted my… Continue Reading “Andrae Crouch”


Communion is a joyful time at our church. For so many years, I was used to a different way of celebrating communion.  A somber, sober way.  A stay-in-your-seat kind of way.  A contemplative, inward-looking way. Not that those are bad things.  Communion — eating… Continue Reading “Communion”