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I took part in the Rabbit Room gift exchange this year. Below is a letter for the person whose name I drew. Dear Rabbit Room Gift Exchange person, I am so so sorry. Spoiler alert: I bought a Baseball Hall of Fame cap for… Continue Reading “Important”

Zaengle Family Gift Exchange 2017

This is for Leah. She said she wanted to hear about our family gift exchange this year. We do two gift exchanges within our family. Sam nicknamed them — Nifty and Thrifty.  The Nifty exchange is a “real” gift, with a spending limit of… Continue Reading “Zaengle Family Gift Exchange 2017”


The following is the text of what I read at the reception for Sam and Donna, my newly-married son and his beautiful wife. Enjoy. Once we had a guy re-shingle our carport roof – a mostly flat roof, only slightly pitched downward from house… Continue Reading “Overlap”