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I is for Insect

If you’re here for a post about insects, sorry. This is more about creating and failing. And yes, I know that a spider is an arachnid, but the bee is an insect, so I used it. Last fall I went to a collage art workshop… Continue Reading “I is for Insect”

Art? Or Craft?

  What is the difference between Art and Craft? I’m not sure I agree with everything on this chart, but here is a good place to start. Comparison Chart BASIS FOR COMPARISON ART CRAFT Meaning An unstructured and boundless form of work, that expresses emotions, feelings… Continue Reading “Art? Or Craft?”


“What’s something I say a lot?” I asked Mary. I was reading another person’s post on Facebook that contained a list of questions parents can ask their children to get funny answers. I knew I was in trouble when Mary answered, “I’ve suddenly forgotten… Continue Reading “Explanation”


I hit “Publish” and rushed out the door. We had such a busy Saturday, but I was feeling the tyranny of the urgent regarding the A to Z Challenge. “Just a minute! Just a minute,” I called to my family as they were heading… Continue Reading “Imperfection”