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The day my mother got ready for the dance was a hard day in her dementia. She tried to dress in nicer clothes, but her fashion sense had gone awry and nothing really matched. Her lipstick looked garish. She perched on the arm of the… Continue Reading “Ache”

Scary Travels with Alzheimer’s

What is one of the scariest situations you have been in because of dementia? Let’s face it — dementia can be a scary thing, for everyone involved.  Every time I see another news story about someone with dementia wandering off, my stomach tightens.  There,… Continue Reading “Scary Travels with Alzheimer’s”

Six Ways to Anywhere

What was the first indication you had that something was not right?  Was it a peculiar behavior or a specific incident? My mother always knew six ways to anywhere.  And the rest stops along the way.  And the quality of the bathrooms at the… Continue Reading “Six Ways to Anywhere”

Quiet Miracles

I am the world’s biggest fan of quiet, well, one of them anyway.  I love quiet and all the sounds of quiet. It’s quiet in my home right now.  I hear the fan from my computer and a few birds singing outside. Mary is… Continue Reading “Quiet Miracles”