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Orange Ice Dessert

The other day I walked into the kitchen at lunch to find my mother sitting at the kitchen table with some hot dog buns, a jar of marmalade, a brick of cream cheese, and some leftover chili.  She was making sandwiches. The process was… Continue Reading “Orange Ice Dessert”


Lest you think I am picking on my mother later in the post, let me start by listing for you just a few of the things on my desk right now that I can see with moving anything. a pack of gum a golf… Continue Reading “Disorganization”

Laughter, Strength, and Dignity

I really needed a Bible verse the other day when I was feeling very frazzled.  One of the verses that came to mind was this: Proverbs 31:25 She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come. So when… Continue Reading “Laughter, Strength, and Dignity”

The Twilight Zone

(This was originally published on Facebook on July 9, 2010) I think Rod Serling, the creator of The Twilight Zone, must have had some experience with a person suffering from Alzheimer’s. Some days, here in Cooperstown, that’s all I can think about – The… Continue Reading “The Twilight Zone”