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23 Words — A Warm-Up

I figured I had better take advantage of this, the last day before my self-imposed challenge for 2023: writing only 23 words a day.

I started practicing 23 word cohesive writing in my new journal from my granddaughter — well, technically it’s from my son who drew my name in our family gift exchange. He knows what I like, though, so he made her a part of it. (That’s a cat that she drew on the cover of the journal.)

Today I give myself permission to write more words — like this rambling explanation.

I’m using the ever-so-original tag: 23 words or 23words. (Do I need a hashtag?) If you write 23 words and want me to read it, tag your post and I’ll check it out.

Here are 23 words as a look-back at 2022:

People I knew
In 2022
Who had a positive impact
On my life:
Thank you

Honestly, my list could be much longer. And I admittedly cheated with Kevin and Mary, but they are kind of a dynamic duo. They made a cardinal for me — a female cardinal who proudly stands where I can see her often.

Tomorrow my wordiness problem will altogether disappear. 🙂

10 thoughts on “23 Words — A Warm-Up

    1. You wouldn’t believe how much joy I get from my little cardinal. She’s not flashy like her male counterpart, but she’s strong.

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