Our family visited the shore
Well, not just one trip — it was more —
We drove all the way
(Nearly a full day)
To Florida! There we explored.

We collected shells on the beach
Not picking up all within reach
’cause that would be silly
Gathering shells willy-nilly
“Be selective” — that’s what we preached.

We also paddled canoes
At a place where the manatees choose
To swim when it’s cold
(That’s what we were told)
We saw them, in ones and in twos!

We went to a beach meant for pups
(Well, they let in some kids and grownups)
The dogs chased after toys
And played with their boys
But some owners didn’t clean up (ew)

These are photographs from several different trips to Florida. I’m sharing them as part of a photography challenge to post pictures from nature for seven days. This is Day #5.

4 thoughts on “Florida

  1. Your rhyme is sweet and full of the spirit of time spend with family in a special place, your pictures are warm and enticing. I have never seen a manatee – it’s on my wish-list.

      1. Haha … I used to sing cheesy songs to the children when I was struggling. Same rules apply. But unlike the children who HATED my ditties i actually quite genuinely enjoyed yours … it was lightweight and untaxing which was exactly what I happened to need. And I suspect what you needed to!

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