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Love in Action

L is for Love in Action. Well did Monty Python choose a rabbit — the Rabbit of Caerbannog — to protect. The retreat at Laity Lodge was put on by the Rabbit Room, an online community modeled after Lewis and Tolkien’s Inkling community that… Continue Reading “Love in Action”

Kindred Spirit

K is for Kindred Spirit and Kindness and a friend whose name begins with K who embodies both of those. I don’t want to embarrass her by saying her name so I’m just posting this embarrassing photograph from a memorable segment of my trip… Continue Reading “Kindred Spirit”


J is for Jonathan, Jonathan Rogers, to be exact. Jonathan Rogers is a writer, speaker, teacher, and Flannery O’Connor expert. For whatever reason, I am prone to say the most awful things to him — insults and degradations. Like this past fall, when I… Continue Reading “Jonathan”


Wouldn’t you know it? Yesterday I discovered the A to Z Blogging Challenge for April, where for the month of April the challenge is to blog every day except Sunday, and use the letters of the alphabet to mark off the days. April 1st,… Continue Reading “Bluff”