Blogging Challenge


I’ve got nothing for you today — certainly not my five favorite songs. Besides, today’s top five will be different from tomorrow’s top five. For the record, though, the top five songs on my iTunes are all Andrew Peterson.

So here’s a little nonsense with song titles by some of the artists or albums I like:

1Dear Prudence,

2What’s the buzz?

3If I could 4colour my world — 5wait, 6I don’t know how. 7If I had a million dollars 8I’ll find a way.

9After all these years 10what hurts the most, 11Sir Duke (had) 12nothing to say 13until you came along.

14Ready for the storm? 15Sigh no more 16if 17the rain keeps falling 18here in America. 19Where you are, 20carrot juice is murder.

21Good night.

22PS I love you.

1. The Beatles — you’ve got to love the Beatles
2. Jesus Christ, Superstar — I listened to this album no less than 1679 times
3. Simon & Garfunkel (El Condor Pasa)
4. Chicago (loved the flute solo in this song)
5. The Beatles
6. Jason Gray
7. Barenaked Ladies
8. Jill Phillips and Andy Gullahorn (also Jason Gray)
9.  Andrew Peterson
10. Rascal Flatts (representative of my country music listening era)
11. Stevie Wonder (first album I remember buying with my own money)
12. Andrew Peterson
13. JJ Heller
14. Rich Mullins
15. Mumford & Sons
16. Bread
17. Andrew Peterson
18. Rich Mullins
19. Rich Mullins
20.  Arrogant Worms (they make me laugh)
21. The Beatles
22. The Beatles