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The Bachelor Party

The other day five men came into the sports center together, one of them spinning a shiny new Spalding basketball between his hands. “Is anyone playing basketball right now?” he asked. “The gym is available,” I said. “I don’t know if anyone is playing… Continue Reading “The Bachelor Party”

The Things I Do For Points

I signed up for Get Fit Right, a program at our local gym.  Each week I get a new punch card to try to fill. As I got in the water the other day for an aquacize class, the shock of the cold water… Continue Reading “The Things I Do For Points”

Knowing My Name

“You’re the lady with the dog,” a woman said to me at church the other day. “The dog with the fish?”  I responded, half-questioning, half completing her sentence. “That’s right,” she said excitedly. Our dog is famous around Greene.  She carries a toy, usually… Continue Reading “Knowing My Name”