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Every man, however matter-of-fact and prosaic, likes to receive his presents wrapped… He hesitates to cut the string; he prefers to untie the knot, to unfold the paper, and so to come slowly upon the fond surprise awaiting him. The contents element he will… Continue Reading “Unwrapping”

Boreham’s Introduction to Advent

I hate the saying “It’s easier to ask forgiveness than permission.” And yet… I’m going to do that. If F. W. Boreham was alive, by all means, I would ask. “Could I please, please, please, put your introduction to My Christmas Book on my… Continue Reading “Boreham’s Introduction to Advent”

First Sunday of Advent 2017

I peeked at the first page of The New Christian Year (compiled by Charles Williams) one last time before putting it on the shelf. My well-worn copy is even more well-worn now that I’ve been through the book several times. The New Christian Year… Continue Reading “First Sunday of Advent 2017”